Tanya Myshkin Curriculum Vitae

(b. 1961- Adelaide, South Australia)

Exhibitions (not comprehensive)
1977                        Lilydale Art Show, Melbourne (First Prize Drawing).
1978                        Royal South Australian Society of the Arts Members’ Exhibition, Adelaide.
                                 H.S.C. Art Exhibition, Melbourne.
1979                        R.S.A.S.A. Members’ Exhibition, Adelaide.
1989                        Standby, Graduate Exhibition, Canberra School of Art Gallery, Canberra.
1990                        Memorandum,  Graduate Exhibition, High Court of Australia, Canberra.
                                 Art for Life, Studio One Gallery, Canberra.
1991                        Figurative, three artists, Studio One Gallery, Canberra.
1992                        Raft Press: The Book Project, National Library of Australia, Canberra.
                                 Diversis ex Lignis, two artists, Studio One Gallery, Canberra.
1993                        Studio One  Exchange Exhibition, Western Australia.
1994                        Borderlines, Spiral Arm Gallery, Canberra.
                                 Graduate Exhibition, Canberra School of  Art Gallery, Canberra.
                                 Wood engravings, solo exhibition, Division of Entomology, C.S.I.R.O., Canberra.
1995                        Artists’ Books and Multiple Fair, Gallery 4, Metro Arts, Brisbane.
                                 The London Artists’ Books Fair, Concourse Gallery, Barbican Centre, London E.C.2.
                                 First Canberra Drawing Biennale, Drill Hall Gallery, Canberra.
1997                        Artists’ Books, Criterion Fine Art Gallery, Braidwood.
1999                        Corpora Nuda, solo exhibition, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Canberra.
                                 Geelong Print Prize, Geelong Art Gallery, Geelong.
2003                        Canberra Contemporary Art Space 10th Birthday Exhibition, Manuka, Canberra.
2004                        C.C.A.S. Members Exhibition, Manuka, Canberra.
2005                        Contrasts within the Charles Sturt University Art Collection, Wagga Wagga Regional Art Gallery.
                                 C.C.A.S. Members Exhibition, Manuka, Canberra.
2006                        Life drawings and wood engravings, solo exhibition, The Gods Cafe, A.N.U. Arts Centre, Canberra.
2008                        ibid.
2009                        M16 Drawing Prize, Canberra.
                                 The painted bird, wood engravings, solo exhibition,  B.S.G. Gallery, Melbourne.
2011                        Book, Megalo, Canberra.
2012                        Corpus et Anima, solo exhibition, A.N.C.A., Canberra.
2014, 2015            Matris, wood engravings and Compassion, wood engravings, both at B.S.G. Gallery, Melbourne.

Livres d'artiste
Ionesco, Eugène, Double Act.
Canberra: Raft Press, 1992.
The Small Psychomachia. Canberra: Studio One Press, 1994.
Five Angels on a Pin-head: Selected Poems. Canberra: Studio One Press, 1996.
Kafka, Franz, Letter to his Father, Excerpts: and A Dream. Canberra: Studio One Press, 1996.
Webb, Francis, Three Poems. Canberra: The Edition and Artist Book Studio, 1997
Федор Ивановч Тютчев Silentium с гравюрамх Тани Мышкиной, Квинбеян, Австралия, 2011.
Stéphane Mallarmé, Le vierge, le vivace et le bel aujourd’hui. Canberra: Ampersand Duck, 2012.

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National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.
Canberra School of Art, Canberra.
State Library of Victoria.
Queensland State Library, Brisbane.
Charles Sturt University, New South Wales.
The British Library, London.
National Library of Russia, St. Petersburg.
La Bibliothèque Nationale.

Bibliothèque Kandinsky.
1994-1995               Master of  Arts (Visual Art), School of Art, Canberra Institute of the Arts,
                                Australian National  University
1989-1990            Associate Diploma, Canberra School of  Art, Canberra.
1984-1988            Bachelor of Arts, Australian National University, Canberra.
1978                       H.S.C., Melbourne.